How To Protect Your Home When Listing On Airbnb

how to protect your home when renting oin airbnb

If you do your homework first, you speak to your guests, they have good reviews, and you trust your instincts then you’ve got nothing to worry about (probably), and you’ll find 99% of your guests are problem-free. But is that assurance from me enough? Probably not. So instead I’ve brainstormed the ultimate checklist for to … Read more

21 Common Mistakes Airbnb Hosts Make

common mistakes on airbnb

Airbnb hosting isn’t for everyone. Many people think they’ll be able to run an Airbnb business and then struggle. In this article, we examine the common mistakes Airbnb hosts make when they starting out (and when they’ve been doing it for a while) and offer solutions to each problem. 1. Not trying out Airbnb yourself … Read more

How to get more bookings for your short-term rental!

more bookings for your short rental

This is the question I hear everyone asking. “How do I get more bookings on Airbnb”. This article isn’t going to address how to write a great Airbnb profile, that’s covered elsewhere, we’re going to look at expanding your horizons, and then looking at some actionable tips. But really simply, if you want more bookings … Read more