How to get longer-term bookings for your short-term rental.

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I have been a short-term rental/Airbnb host for about eight years. When covid hit, I thought my business would be toast, as the cancellations rolled in thick and fast. Actually, it was one of the best things to have happened, because I started getting long-term bookings (3 months+). So how did I achieve this (all … Read more

Create a Phenomenal Airbnb House Manual (Here are 3 Great Choices)

airbnb house manual

Whether you’re letting your property on Airbnb,, Expedia or any other website, a great (not good) house manual does more than serve your guests, it also helps solve problems for you too. This article explains how you can write a house manual, why you should give people different choices, and how you can make … Read more

How to dramatically increase your Airbnb Security

improve your airbnb security

The security of your Airbnb is paramount. You will have so many different guests staying, and even if you check and vet guests to the highest possible standard, you never really know who they are, so taking as much care of the security of your property is extremely important. This is what I do: 1. … Read more

How To Automate Your Airbnb in 5 Easy Steps

automate your property

Managing an Airbnb can be time-consuming, and if you are looking for an efficient way to reduce your workload, increase the occupancy rate, and reduce the execution of repetitive tasks, all with minimal time investment, then one sure way to do this is to leverage technological advancement to automate your whole Airbnb process. Besides that, … Read more

How To Keep Your Neighbors Happy With Your Airbnb Let

How To Keep Your Neighbours Happy With Your Airbnb Let

The fact is that if you don’t get on well with your neighbors your Airbnb let will have problems from the start. Whether your lets are in an apartment building or a house, you must follow this vital rule: To keep your Airbnb neighbors happy, build strong relationships by getting to know your neighbors. A … Read more