How To Avoid Nightmare Guests On Airbnb!

problem guests on airbnb

Avoiding bad guests is a real issue for Airbnb owners. Bad guests cause problems for you in many different ways, they can upset your neighbors, damage your property, and more. So you really don’t want them. Here’s how to avoid them: The real answer to this question is to trust your gut instinct: We’ve been … Read more

How to Deal with Vacation Rental Complaints Easily

How to Deal with Vacation Rental Complaints

Of course, this subject covers complaints when you’re on Airbnb, Expedia, and deals with handling complaints about any short-term rental property you have. The key, fundamental, must-do action to deal with complaints about your short-term rental is to talk to your customers. You must talk! Talking allows you to listen, and listening means that … Read more