Airbnb Photography: The Ultimate Guide

Airbnb Photography: The Ultimate Guide

The fact is that having great photos of your short-term rental will play a major part in people going on to book. So we’ve put together the ultimate guide on how to take stunning photos of your place, which will save you money hiring an external photographer, and mean you can get your photos looking … Read more

21 Things You Can Do Cheaply To Make Your Airbnb Shine

make your property shine

Guests love thoughtful details. When you stay in a hotel and there are chocolates beside the bed, doesn’t that make you feel good (appreciated)? Yes of course. In this post, I’ve got 40 ideas for you to really make your short term rental shine which is really very inexpensive. And of course, the more you … Read more

Triple your Airbnb bookings with a Channel Manager!

triple your sales with a channel manager

Put simply a Channel Manager, when talking about running a hotel or renting out your property for short-term lets is a centralized system for storing and organizing bookings. They link Expedia, Airbnb,, and many other travel websites. They can message your guests, set your prices, prevent over-bookings, and much much more. When I started … Read more