How do I increase my genius level on (Good for hosts to know) is a leading online platform for booking accommodations, with over 28 million listings worldwide. As a frequent user of the platform, you may be interested in increasing your “genius level.” Here are some tips on how to do so:

Make frequent bookings:

The more bookings you make on, the higher your genius level will be. This shows that you are an active and engaged user, and the platform rewards you accordingly.

Choose high-quality accommodations:

When you book quality accommodations, you demonstrate your taste and preferences, which the platform takes into account when determining your genius level.

Write reviews:

Writing reviews of the accommodations you’ve stayed in helps the platform understand your preferences and improves the accuracy of their recommendations for you. The more reviews you write, the higher your genius level will be.

Be an early adopter: often rewards users who are the first to try new features or participate in promotions. By being an early adopter, you can increase your genius level and get access to exclusive benefits.

Use the mobile app:’s mobile app provides an easy and convenient way to book accommodations on the go. Using the app can also increase your genius level, as it shows that you are a tech-savvy and engaged user.

In conclusion, to increase your genius level on, you should make frequent bookings, choose high-quality accommodations, write reviews, be an early adopter, and use the mobile app. By doing so, you will become a valuable member of the community and enjoy the many benefits of being a genius level user.

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