Triple your Airbnb bookings with a Channel Manager!

triple your sales with a channel manager

Put simply a Channel Manager, when talking about running a hotel or renting out your property for short-term lets is a centralized system for storing and organizing bookings. They link Expedia, Airbnb,, and many other travel websites. They can message your guests, set your prices, prevent over-bookings, and much much more. When I started … Read more

How to Deal with Vacation Rental Complaints Easily

How to Deal with Vacation Rental Complaints

Of course, this subject covers complaints when you’re on Airbnb, Expedia, and deals with handling complaints about any short-term rental property you have. The key, fundamental, must-do action to deal with complaints about your short-term rental is to talk to your customers. You must talk! Talking allows you to listen, and listening means that … Read more

13 Awesome Ways to Make More Money from your Short Term Rental

Make More Money from your Short Term Rental

In over three years of letting out apartments on Airbnb,, and many other websites, I have realized that there are a ton of opportunities to increase your revenue while still presenting yourself in an honest, ethical, and professional way to your customers. The real truth is that the best guests are the ones that … Read more

How to Refurbish Your Airbnb Property Cheaply

Do you know why refurbishing your Airbnb, or other short-term rentals cheaply is a good thing? Because obviously every pound or dollar you over-spend on renovations eats directly into your profits, and in a business where margins are tight. There is a fine line between massive success and massive failure. In this post, we … Read more