Create beautiful Airbnb Amenities to wow your guests (Least to Most Expensive)

When I revamped my Airbnb I thought for a long time about how to improve my listing amenities., and this article is a result of what I did.

Exceeding expectations for your Airbnb Guests is one of the easiest ways to get fantastic reviews. The first time I stayed in the Peninsula Hotel in Bangkok, I was literally amazed with what they provided guests. I knew it would be good, but not this good! (The Penisula Tokyo’s even better).

The principle of exceeding expectations applies to any Airbnb or any short term rental business. It’s the same principle that applies to doing well with any business: If your customer gets more than what they thought they would, they will for sure give you due praise in their reviews (well most will!).

In this article, I’m going to look at some easy wins, as well as some more expensive items. Different things will be appropriate (or not) depending on your demographics, location and the seasonality of your business. Most of the first 5 items though will apply to any business.

The Must-Have Amenities for your Airbnb

The fact is that you will have a variety of customers. Some will be on holiday, some will be there for business, and some for something else! Here are the things you absolutely must have:

Must-Have Bedroom Items

  • Clean (and ideally) pressed bedding
  • Toilet Paper (don’t be stingy with this)
  • Soap
  • Clean Towels (two per person for stays of more than 3 nights)
  • Access to heating controls
  • An Iron and Ironing Board
  • A Hairdryer

Must-Have Living Room Items

  • Sofa and at least one (comfortable armchair)
  • TV
  • Dining Table and Chairs
  • Internet Access (easily displayed)

Must-Have Kitchen Items

  • Cooker
  • Microwave
  • Knives and Forks
  • Pots and Pans
  • A fridge
  • Glasses
  • Plates
  • A Kettle

OK, so these are the basics, but not let’s go and get ourselves an upgrade. Because if we upgrade our pad, we upgrade our reviews!

Improve Your Airbnb Amenities
(My wife after BA upgraded us from Economy to premium, to business, and then to First! As you can imagine, we were quite happy about this!)

Let’s Upgrade our Airbnb from Economy to Premium-Economy

Improve Your Airbnb Amenities

Premium-Economy Bedroom Items

In addition to all of the above, here are some ideas of things which will go further to impress, but won’t break the bank:

  • A Vanity Mirror and Dressing Table
  • A spacious wardrobe (empty not with all your stuff in it) and hangers (and clean inside).
  • A Smart TV with remote control
  • Glasses with White Paper Coasters for Water
  • Complimentary Toothbrush & Paste, Complimentary Moisturiser
  • Bath Salts or Shower Gel

Premium-Economy Living Room Items

  • Tasteful Pictures
  • Fresh Flowers
  • Smart-TV with Netflix or Amazon Prime
  • DVD player
  • Board Games
  • Made-Up Dining Table
  • Attractive (and expensive-looking but not costing) Rug

Premium-Economy Kitchen Items

  • Mood Lighting
  • Full Oven, Dishwasher, Washing Machine
  • Full Kitchen Equipment that is better than Amazon Basics
  • The kitchen should be new or at least less than 5 years old
  • Fridge Freezer (modern)

Approximate cost of the upgrade to you: $2000.

Ok, so we think we have the market for it, and people who will pay, so now let’s upgrade to:

Let’s Upgrade our Airbnb to Business Class

Improve Your Airbnb Amenities

Business Class Bedroom Items

In addition to all of the above, here are some ideas of things which will go further to impress, but won’t break the bank:

  • Large Smart TV, but tastefully integrated into fitted bedroom items
  • Super-King Sized bed with a comfortable mattress
  • Blinds and Attractive Curtains
  • Ideally high ceilings (although this will be tough to achieve if you don’t already have them!)
  • Egyptian Cotton bedding (must be pressed)
  • Bathrobes
  • High-End Bathroom Amenities

Business Class Living Room Items

(In addition to your must-haves and premium economy items)

  • Full Surround sound system
  • Large Smart TV, but discreetly and tastefully mounted
  • High end Surround sound system
  • Two Sofas and Armchair
  • Coffee Table with nice ornaments

Business Class Kitchen Items

  • New Kitchen of very high quality
  • High-End Plates, Glasses, Etc
  • High-End Appliances

Cost of upgrade: $20,000!

OK, Let’s upgrade to First Class

Here’s where is gets expensive, but if you have the money to invest, and the footfall to fill your space, it will be worth it.

Improve Your Airbnb Amenities

First Class Bedroom Items

In addition to all of the above, here are some ideas of things which will go further to impress, but won’t break the bank:

  • Jacuzzi style bath
  • In addition to other bathrooms, the main ensuite should have a shower as well as the bath
  • The bathroom should be large
  • Dressing room
  • The finest amenities available
  • The finest bedding and towels
  • Re-decorated within the last year
  • Not a spot of dirt to be seen, everything should be brand new

First-Class Living Room Items

(In addition to your must-haves, premium and business-class items)

  • Massage Chair
  • large space (enough for 10 people to sit and dine)
  • 3 sofas
  • high-end art
  • Re-decorated within the last year and spotlessly clean
  • Dining table for ten
  • Chandelier lights above the dining area
  • Mood lighting throughout
  • Japanese toilet (you must try them!)

First-Class Kitchen Items

  • Large, plenty of space
  • Central Kitchen Area
  • Seating in the kitchen in addition to the dining table
  • The kitchen of the finest quality

First Class Outdoor Items

Of course, if you’re marketing a first-class property you also need an outdoor space. Even an apartment must have a balcony.

  • Pool or hot tub (hard to do on a balcony, but easy with a house)
  • landscaped gardens
  • Tasteful seating area
  • BBQ area
  • Private
  • Private secure parking

Cost of upgrade $40,000+!

What are the cost of upgrading your Airbnb?

To go from an empty property to the standards above, these are the costs I’ve worked through:

Business Class$20,000
First Class$40,000+

All this has been fully costed and worked through. You can contact me for the details!


So of course how you decorate your property and which amenities you provide depends very much on your location, foot-fall, and of course your own budget.

But Airbnb have made an effort to move up-market with the launch of‎.

However, having done the research myself, the easiest wins seem to be the premium class option. You give your guests a lot more for their money and surpass expectations, but you’re not killing yourself with financial outlay.

Let me know what you think. What class is your short term rental?

To your success,


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